Why should we all use a hand cream?


Hello gorgeous people. As we approach the cold weather, well here in the UK it is important to keep our bodies moisturised. Also we should not neglect our hands as it is one of the first places which show signs of ageing. Hands can become dry as they are exposed to a lot of things like water, chemicals or even different temperatures . This can lead to them being cracked and painful. Do not think that this problem is only for women but also men just as much. If you want the maximum amount of moisture make sure you look out for some of the ingredients such a Shea butter, vitamin e, essential oils and glycerine – All very beneficial for the skin. Do not forget to use a different moisturiser for your hands to  the one you use for your body. Just a matter of seconds but it will make a big difference.  A hand cream will make your hands feel soft and smooth and will also give pleasant smell.

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